• Balloon Jumbo Helium Tank & Balloon Kit (PICKUP ONLY)

Balloon Jumbo Helium Tank & Balloon Kit (PICKUP ONLY)


The perfect DIY helium tank for celebrations at home or to take to your venue so you have freshly inflated floating balloons! This easy to use portable cylinder with 14.9 ft3 of helium/air mixture is recyclable and suits latex or foil balloon inflation. Balloons are best inflated 1-2 hours before your celebration. Float time estimated is 5-7 hours for latex regular size balloons and 4 days for foil balloons. Float time may be reduced by temperature, humidity and altitude. 

Inflates approximately:

Latex - 50 x 22cm (9") latex balloons or 27 x 28cm (11") latex balloons or 1-2 jumbo 76cm-90cm balloons

Foil - 27 x 45cm (18") foil balloons or 5-7 super shape foil balloons



Helium tank

White ribbon

50 x balloons 22cm (9") in assorted colours

Instructions for tank disposal


Sold individually. 


This item is available for CLICK & COLLECT orders only from our Brookvale warehouse.