• INFLATED Gold & White Balloon Bouquet (PICKUP)

INFLATED Gold & White Balloon Bouquet (PICKUP)




Balloon bouquet in shades of gold, white sand & white. Set of 12 standard sized 28cm balloons. 


Set of 12 latex balloons. Size 28cm per balloon. Shades included are chrome gold, white sand & white.


INFLATED with helium for PICKUP ONLY from our Brookvale, Sydney warehouse. For your balloons to look their best please choose a pickup day/time closest to your celebration (same day recommended) & ensure your car is able to safely fit balloons in. 


Float time: 

Latex balloons - 8-12 hours (plus hi-float extends float time to a few days).

Float time is variable & can be altered by extreme temperatures.



Helium inflation



Balloon bag for transportation

Hi-float to extend float time to a few days 


Please note the colour of the balloons may vary slightly from the image displayed.