Yeeha Cowboy Party!

For nearly a year my soon to be 5 year old son had been requesting a cowboy party for his next birthday...something to do with a little boy's fascination of toy guns I think more than a love of cowboys! My challenge was to plan a cowboy party without guns...change the focus I thought & BOOM into the plan popped the colourful Toy Story characters 'Woody' & 'Jessie'. Good thinking 99, and so the party preparations began. Woody & Jessie characters were booked, colour schemes decided, food planned for 25 children, & bales of hay hired.


Party food on the day included popcorn in little red dot baking cups, kettle chips in kraft paper bags with handstamped potato stars (care of my son), gorgeous themed cookies from Best Dressed Cookies, vanilla cupcakes, & jars full of marshmallows, chocolate malt balls & raspberry twists. Now for the amazing very talented close friend Michelle baked this little treasure YUM!

Now for the fun part...the little bit of styling. A couple of visits to Spotlight & Lincraft sourcing fabric for the table cloth, fringing to frame the table & hang off a giant balloon, & good old hessian for a table runner & backdrop. Three giant 90cm balloons with ribbons & crepe paper streamers. Red dotty cups, plates & cake stand. Meri Meri cowboy themed napkins, cupcake toppers, garland & party hats. Lolly bags were also red dot with natural thick twine & a Smallprints cowboy party bag tag (that matched the invitations that were sent out). My son's retro cowboy teepee & old school hobby horse also made it out of the playroom for the day. The 7 bales of hay that only just fit into the car were a real hit & made the party area look authentic, BUT never again will I use bales of hay at my home as it is crazy MESSY stuff & weeks later I was still finding pieces of straw! 


Lots of fun was had by all & best of all the birthday boy had a truly wonderful time with all his friends, family, & characters Woody & Jessie. Now, what theme will we do next year??!!